Powered by EVE isn’t just a digital event solution, or just another “streaming” platform…it is your digital DOMINIATION solution. 

Powered by EVE is an all in one,  digital event venue, platform, and solution.. We put our network and content to work for you, to solidify and assert your brand authority, while driving revenue and engagement 

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These aren’t just virtual events, or just “another stream”, powered by EVE events are attendee centric experiences, custom made to build engagement in a One of a kind way. Powered by EVE is your complete solution. Our Platform handles all of the heavy lifting, while our digital venues let you take advantage of our domain authority, providing high quality domain relevance. Our platform makes hosting your first virtual event simple and stress free. Most of our events generate a profit before the event has even happened!  After your event, our platform continues to generate ROI by putting your event content to work to generate long tail benefits to your domain authority. 


Here are some stats from the recent [PALD] SUMMIT, an event hosted on the Powered by EVE platform. 

Recently, our events and platform have been proven to generate results in a number of key areas:  


Your entire event happens on the Powered by EVE platform, through a simple, custom website. All you have to do is enjoy your event, along with your attendees. Users can access your event from any browser or any device, from almost anywhere in the world. Our unique solution, isn’t just another virtual event platform… No, it is purpose built to help you achieve digital dominance within your domain. Every part of the Powered by EVE process is designed to perpetuate your brand, and to elevate the perception of your brand, to the GLOBAL audience. 

Our simple to follow formula and intuitive process makes hosting your virtual event easy and intuitive. Your own Virtual Event Expert will walk you though every set of the process. No hidden fees or extra cost to get support. Your success is OUR success. We guarantee that your event will be executed on time, work flawlessly, and make your life a breeze. 


Powered by eve

Unlike other virtual event platforms, Powered By EVE events are designed to benefit your brand. They are purpose built as unique and excited events tailored specifically to your audience.  This isn’t t just another streaming platform, it is a strategic move towards digital domination. Creating a custom virtual experience has never been easier. Our platform not only generates revenue, but continues to provide ROI over and over again.